Lucky Romance 爱情幸运星

Same Day as Korea
Thu & Fri, 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

The Flower in Prison 狱中花

Mon, 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

Monster 复仇的男人

Same Day as Korea
Tues & Wed 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

Make Your Wish 说出你的愿望

Tue – Fri 10pm (9pm JKT)

Victory for Tomorrow 明天也勝利

Only available in HK.
Weekdays 7.45pm

Mother’s Garden 妈妈的庭院

Weekdays 7.45pm (6.45pm JKT)

Just Married 我们结婚了

Same Week as Korea
Sat 12.50pm (11.50am JKT)

Infinite Challenge 无限挑战

Same Week as Korea
Sat 8pm (7pm JKT)

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