Beautiful You 美麗的你

Only available in HK.
Weekdays, 7.45pm
Premieres 26 August

W-Two Worlds 平行时空

Within 24 Hours of Korean Telecast
Thu & Fri, 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

The Great Wives 人妻大联盟

Weekdays. 10pm (9pm JKT)

The Dearest Lady 最佳戀人

Only available in HK.
Weekdays, 7.45pm

Duet Song Festival 激斗二重唱

Same Week as Korea
SEA – Fri, 6.20pm (5.20pm JKT)
HK – Fri, 11.20pm

The Flower in Prison 狱中花

Mon, 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

Monster 复仇的男人

Same Day as Korea
Tues & Wed 8.55pm (7.55pm JKT)

Victory for Tomorrow 明天也勝利

Only available in SEA.
Weekdays 7.45pm

Infinite Challenge 无限挑战

Same Week as Korea
Sat 8pm (7pm JKT)

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