The Guardian
Tue & Wed 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Having lost their loved ones to heinous crimes, a group of individuals overcome their pain by joining forces to form “The Guardian”. To serve justice, the team works together to stop criminals before the police and the prosecutors do.

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The Good Thieves
Mon 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Kang So Ju is a policewoman who possesses a strong sense of justice. Join her in her crusade against a powerful group of elites who attempts to create menace in the society!

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The Emperor: Owner of the Mask
Thu & Fri, 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Crown Prince Lee has always been living a hidden life, where a stand-in pauper faces the crowd in his place. While he tries to unveil his identity, Lee Sun falls in love with Ga Eun, a woman who is seeking revenge against the Prince for killing her father.

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The Dearest Lady
Tue – Fri 9pm SG,MY/8pm JKT

Love between two parties can be complicated, especially when family members are involved. Amidst a slew of societal problems, a mother and two daughters fight to keep their relationships intact. Can love be the ultimate bond to solve all of their heartache?

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Infinite Challenge
Sat 12.30pm SG,MY/11.30am JKT | Fri 11.20pm HK

Featuring Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo and HaHa, Infinite Challenge showcases a cast which promises to deliver endless entertainment and laughter. They will stop at nothing, even if it means sacrificing their celebrity image, to win the challenge of the week! First from Korea, Infinite Challenge airs on the same week as Korea.

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Talk & Music

Duet Song Festival
Thu, 11.20pm HK

The hottest singers in Korea perform alongside talented fans in a bid to win the hearts of a live studio audience! With their fates in the hands of their loving audience, will they be able to work together and pull off a show stopping performance? Duet Song Festival airs on the same week as Korea.

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