Wed & Thu 9pm SG,MY/8pm JKT (Same Time as Korea)

An intertwined journey of Jiyun (Starring Lee Young Ae), a university lecturer of Korean art in the present, and Shin Saimdang herself in the past comes alive in this brand new series. After Jiyun stumbles upon the diary of historical figure Shin Saimdang, she becomes intrigued by a mysterious portrait that she finds inside of it. Looking to discover […]

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The Rebel
Tue & Wed 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Despite his low status in society, Hong Gil Dong was known as one of Korea’s most famous folk heroes. His strong leadership and commitment to fighting for the rights of the common people won him the trust of many.

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Father, I’ll Take Care of You
Mon 8pm SG / 7pm JKT / 8.55pm HK

After raising their four children to become strong independent adults, an old couple is ecstatic for the chance to enjoy some quiet time to themselves. However to their dismay, their children start returning home with personal issues!

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Breeze of Love
Sat & Sun 7.50pm SG,MY / 6.50pm JKT / 8.10pm HK

Jang Go was a pauper trying to make ends meet till he discovered that he may be the heir to a huge fortune. While fighting for his newly found inheritance, he meets Mi Poong, a North Korea defector whose love is not tainted by his new found wealth.

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The Dearest Lady
Tue – Thu, 10.10pm (9.10pm JKT) | Fri, 9pm (8pm JKT)

Love between two parties can be complicated, especially when family members are involved. Amidst a slew of societal problems, a mother and two daughters fight to keep their relationships intact. Can love be the ultimate bond to solve all of their heartache?

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Radiant Office
Thu & Fri 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Struggling to find a job, Ho Won decides to commit suicide. After failing to take her own life, she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Determined to sort out her life, she lands herself a new job and romance is about to bloom her way at the new office.

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Infinite Challenge
Fri, 6.30pm SG / 5.30pm JKT / 11.20pm HK

Featuring Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo and HaHa, Infinite Challenge showcases a cast which promises to deliver endless entertainment and laughter. They will stop at nothing, even if it means sacrificing their celebrity image, to win the challenge of the week! First from Korea, Infinite Challenge airs on the same week as Korea.

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Talk & Music

Duet Song Festival
Thu, 11.20pm HK

The hottest singers in Korea perform alongside talented fans in a bid to win the hearts of a live studio audience! With their fates in the hands of their loving audience, will they be able to work together and pull off a show stopping performance? Duet Song Festival airs on the same week as Korea.

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Music Core
Thu, 6.30pm SG / 5.30pm JKT | Tue, 11.20pm HK

Catch the latest and most popular Korean artistes perform live on the stage of Music Core. Featuring newly released music hits, be awed by the live performances of your favorite idols. With Music Core, you will always be at the forefront of the Kpop wave!

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