Children of The 20th Century
Tue & Wed 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Three modern women in their 30’s can’t seem to figure out why they are still single. Realizing that life is not all about their search for love, their start to learn about friendship and family warmth!

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Happiness Giver
Tues - Fri, 9pm SG,MY/8pm JKT (SEA Only)

Long abandoned as a baby, Ha Yoon grew up to be a brilliant child actor under the eye of Eun Hee. However, after finding out about their prodigal son, his biological parents now hope to reap the benefits. Having raised Ha Yoon, Eun Hee won’t let that happen.

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Man Who Sets the Table
Mon 7.50pm SG,MY/6.50pm JKT/8.55pm HK

Lee Roo-Ri attempts to get hired by a big company, but fails in doing so. She travels to a foreign country and ends up meeting Jung Tae-Yang- a free spirited individual who has some baggage of his own. This proves to be a critical turning point in her life.

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Infinite Challenge
Sat 12.30pm SG,MY/11.30am JKT | Fri 11.20pm HK

Featuring Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myung Soo and HaHa, Infinite Challenge showcases a cast which promises to deliver endless entertainment and laughter. They will stop at nothing, even if it means sacrificing their celebrity image, to win the challenge of the week! First from Korea, Infinite Challenge airs on the same week as Korea.

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Talk & Music

Music Core
Tue, 11.20pm HK

Catch the latest and most popular Korean artistes perform live on the stage of Music Core. Featuring newly released music hits, be awed by the live performances of your favorite idols. With Music Core, you will always be at the forefront of the Kpop wave!

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