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A man and a woman try to uncover a conspiracy surrounding things having supernatural powers. Kang Gon (Ju Ji Hoon) is a prosecutor full of justice and a warm heart. In order to save his niece Da In, he jumps into a conspiracy surrounding an item having supernatural powers. Kang Gon works criminal profiler Shin So Young (Jin Se Yun).




Ju Ji Hoon as Kang Gon

Ju Ji Hoon is a South Korean actor. His first leading role was in the 2006 hit drama Princess Hours. His other notable works include The Devil (2007), Mask (2015), Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (2017)and its sequel, The Spy Gone North and Dark Figure of Crime (2018).

Jin Se Yun as Shin So Young

Jin Se Yeon is a South Korean actress. She played the female protagonist in the television dramas such as My Daughter the Flower (2011), Bridal Mask (2012), Doctor Stranger (2014), The Flower in Prison (2016) and Grand Prince (2018).

Kim Kang Woo as Jo Se Hwang

Kim Kang Woo made his acting debut in Kim Ki Duk’s 2002 film The Coast Guard while still a senior, later commenting that the role of a soldier was the only one he could get without any prior experience. He is best known from his roles in The Taste of Money (2012) and The Missing (2015).