The More You Eat With Don Spike

Sat 10.50pm SG,MY/9.50pm JKT

Don Spike’s special journey abroad begins with him opening a pop-up restaurant in Korea. Don Spike starts a new challenge with a cheerful assistant, Kim Dong Jun and a reliable helper, John Park. They try out various foods in the daytime and focus on developing new recipes at night. They attempt to make new and better dishes while localising them to fit Koreans’ taste. The newly designed dishes will be then be revealed in the pop-up restaurant.




Don Spike

Kim Min Su, better known by his stage name Don Spike, is a South Korean entertainer and variety star. A famed songwriter who has written many hit songs, he has also released his own music, including “”Hello”” with Naul and “”Always”” with Lena Park.

John Park

John Andrew Park is an American singer of Korean descent. Apart from being a semifinalist on the ninth season of American Idol, he was also the runner-up on Superstar K2, a Korean singing competition on TV. He is currently taking a break from college to pursue a singing career in Korea.

Kim Dong Jun

Kim Dong Jun is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the boy group ZE:A. Through participating in various television dramas, he has established himself as an actor. His notable dramas include The Fugitive of Joseon (2013), Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (2016), Blac (2017) and About Time (2018). He has also starred in films such as A Company Man (2012), Take My Hand (2014), and Dead Again (2017).